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Steel Building Kits

Our quality control when it comes to manufacturing prefab pieces for you is outstanding. Whether you need a rental car building, a bank building, a photo studio, or any other building kit designed, we can create it for you. Adding a steel addition to your home could give you a lot of extra room. If you need help designing your new steel building, you can call and talk with one of our in-house building consultants. Some people want the look of a sleek modern design while others prefer the good old fashioned look of years ago.

You will find that our plans will use every piece of steel and every screw and bolt you are sent. When you give our design team your budget, they will create the structure you want within your budget. We create metal building solutions that will beat your expectations and bring you a building that will last for years to come. We can customize the inside and outside of your steel building with bathrooms or showers or kitchens to fit your needs. We are an internationally recognized leader of green steel buildings.

We are a reputable designer of quality steel building materials for the residential and commercial industry. If you have an idea for a structure and need to know whether or not it can be done, you can talk to our design team. If you want a round building, our design team can figure that out for you. You might be surprised at how easy it is to follow the directions for a metal building kit. Building your own metal building will give you a sense of satisfaction.

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