Steel Building Kits

We are the most qualified Nationwide provider of customized prefab buildings. We can divide your steel building into any areas you need and design the inside to your specifications. When you build a building with a wooden frame, there are lots of things that can go wrong with it. When you drive down the road in any town, you will see steel buildings everywhere. We are an internationally recognized leader of green steel buildings.

When ordering a prefab metal building you will need to do your own assembly on your property. Adding brick or wood or stone to the outside of your metal building is no problem for our design team. Whether you need a residential, agricultural or commercial application, we can create the perfect building for your needs. There is no limit to the amount of creativity you can use when designing your own metal structure. Many school systems have saved money by having parents help with the construction of a new school.

Buildings big enough for multiple airplanes need to be made of the finest American made steel products. If you live in a fault zone and you watch seismic activity on a regular basis, the steel home just makes more sense. Building pieces are shipped on a flatbed truck that will require a forklift to unload. The more sophisticated metal buildings you need, the more you can work with our design team to sketch it out for you. If you prefer to have us design your building plans and make sure we are following specific building codes in your area, we can do that.

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