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Custom Steel Buildings

You can have any design on the inside of your metal building that you want. Be sure you give us all the specifics and check with your local building inspector to see if there is anything special we need to take in to consideration when making your prefab kit. If you need to construct an industrial steel building, you will find the instructions are just as easy to follow for that as they are for a tool shed in your backyard. Airlines call on us to design airplane hangers and warehouse space to store spare parts for aircraft. Because you have the opportunity to be a part of the entire design of your building, you can have absolutely anything you want. Water damage is practically unheard of when you have a metal building.

When it comes to the look of your steel building, you can add any accessories you like to make your building your own. When you buy a metal building kit from us, you know it will be within the guidelines of the building codes for your area. Framing a home with steel is a good way to make sure it has a solid foundation.

When you work with our designers on the steel building kit, you can add your own personality into your building.