Custom Steel Buildings

Some metal buildings need to be very private, so there are no windows scheduled to be placed in them. When you build a building with a wooden frame, there are lots of things that can go wrong with it. Protecting your livestock and horses with a great metal structure is easy when you order our prefab building to be delivered to your location. When you build a steel building, the chances of it rotting away are practically none. Sophisticated steel structures will include dramatic effects from wood, brick and stone, making it almost impossible to notice the steel framing. Whether you need an office warehouse, a retail storefront or a church building, our steel beams will hold it up proudly.

If you are putting together plans for an office building with a warehouse, we may already have plans that are similar to your needs. Sometimes you are not allowed to build anything else on your property. Every nut end bolt will be accounted for in our complete instructions, when we send you a metal building kit.

Buildings like airplane hangars can be designed with huge doors so you can drive your plane in easily.