Prefab Metal Buildings

You may be able to use some materials in one part of the country but not in another, and that needs to be addressed from day one. Having a prefab building kit delivered may mean you will need to rent a dock space or forklift. Be sure to include everything you need within your building, like service elevators or stairways that need to be installed. We create metal building solutions that will beat your expectations and bring you a building that will last for years to come. Constructing a garage that is big enough for your over sized RV is easier when you give us the dimensions and we build it to your specifications.

Assembling a prefab building is so much easier than most people realize. The bigger your new building kit is, the more people you may need to help you construct it. Some sporting goods stores with tall peaks look great in classic green with a medium bronze window trim. Car dealerships use our metal structures for showrooms with garages attached for their maintenance garages. If you need a variance to put up your own metal building, be sure to call your local building inspector or city hall.