Prefab Metal Buildings

If you live in an area where hurricanes are common, a steel structure just makes more sense. Always check to be sure you have all your measurements correct when ordering a steel building. If you live in an area where your building code says you need to build for seismic activity, we take that into consideration. If you need bathrooms in your office and in your riding stable, just let us know and we can include them in your design. Building with metal gives you a lot of flexibilities you may not realize.

Auto repair buildings are generally made of metal, and they can be dressed up with brick or stucco on the outside. Many of the equestrian arenas and horse barns you drive by in the country are manufactured by our partners. If you want a metal roof on your building, you can choose from several styles. Our quality control when it comes to manufacturing prefab pieces for you is outstanding. When you need an indoor tennis court or soccer field or batting cages, you can have a building with odd shapes and extra high ceilings designed.