Prefab Steel Buildings

You can add steel doors, beautiful windows or vents to your roof when you order a metal building from us. Having a forklift ready to unload your supplies when the shipment comes in would be a good idea. If you live in an earthquake area, be sure to let our design team know when you place your order. Assembling a prefab building is so much easier than most people realize. If you are planning roof mounted equipment, like an air conditioning unit, we can include access curbs so you will have a designated place for your mounting.

Our quality control when it comes to manufacturing prefab pieces for you is outstanding. Feel free to talk to our designer about the specific features you would like in your metal building. When you want a sophisticated architectural design, come to our design team for assistance. If you prefer to wow people, order a scarlet red building with snow white trim. If you need several bathrooms with toilets and sinks for your elementary school building, we can accommodate you with those.