Prefab Steel Buildings

If you plan on using your metal building for a shop where you need natural light, we can build that into your plan. You will get everything you need to construct your steel building, including the nuts and bolts. When you give us the dimensions for your auto body shop, we will put together all the beams you need and follow your design for windows and doors. If you need help designing your new steel building, you can call and talk with one of our in-house building consultants. When building an extra garage on your property, you can make your wife happy by including storage for her seasonal clothing.

Designing your own home to be made of customize steel, means you can choose everything down to the finest detail. We create metal building solutions that will beat your expectations and bring you a building that will last for years to come. Our experienced engineers will tell you if your design is good or if you need to modify it for safety reasons. If you do not see the exact building you want, we can modify one that is close to it for you. You may not realize how sturdy the steel building can be until you actually see one go up.